Photographing your pet
Ensuring lifelike portrait of your pet from a picture

For some pets, a beautiful photograph capturing their best qualities is very easy, while for the others it might be frustratingly elusive. Many choose a professional pet photography studio for that reason, and while it can be a good solution, with a little preparation and plenty of patience you should be able to achieve similar results yourself. After all, who knows your pet better then you? Above all, remember to have fun and don't be in a rush. Patience is most definitely a virtue when it comes to photographing pets! Be ready to click away and take plenty of shots.

Below are some simple yet effective tips I've found useful to produce the best results.

1. It's preferable to use natural light, but flash is acceptable as well. If shooting outdoors, plan your photo session for the morning or late afternoon. Avoid shadows falling across your pet’s body, or dappled sun.

2. If you are shooting indoors, position your pet in a place where there is plenty of light from a door or a window. Photos need to have good focus, lighting and clarity.

3. Try to get in close to your pet, filling the frame with the pet rather than scenery. Always take extra close-ups of the face for detail.

4. Capture your pet’s most characteristic expression and pose of. If your pet is generally happy, try to catch it making its version of a smile.

Remember that the finished portrait depends on the quality of the photographs that you send me.

Good luck!

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