How I Work ...
The client/artist collaboration

The first step in the process is to get good photographs of your pet to work from. We can discuss the painting in detail after I see the photos. It's important for me to know about your dog's personality and habits, since I would like to reflect all of that on some kind of a stylized background. Also, I would like to understand your artistic preferences as well. What colors do you like? What sort of design motifs do you use in your house? Are there any particular flowers or plants that you love? Or was there a particular painting you've seen on my website that attracted you?


I am equally comfortable working in oils or watercolors. Please choose from my art portfolio the samples that you most like and then we will discuss the future artwork in more detail.


After we agree upon an approach for your painting, I would ask for a non-refundable 50% deposit to secure a place in my schedule. First I'll send you a digital photo of the painting layout for your approval. I will also email you a photo of the final painting for your final approval before shipping the artwork to you. Your full satisfaction is very important to me.