Why Pet Portraits?

A dear childhood friend once consulted me about buying a puppy, knowing that I grew up with a dog in my family. She was very excited to bring her little puppy home and constantly updated me with the news about her very special little friend. Unfortunately, just a few months afterward, the puppy died of a rare stomach infection in spite of all efforts to save it.

This sad event inspired me to undertake a little commemorative painting for my friend, which I created based on the many photos she'd sent me over time. It was a very enjoyable, albeit challenging process. After seeing the portrait, my friend complimented me on how poignantly I captured her puppy’s character, energy and likeness in that small artwork.

Since then I’ve created a whole series of commissioned dog paintings for my friends and clients.

As a professional illustrator/artist for corporate clients for the last 20 years, I always enjoy the challenge of creating a visual artwork that conveys complex messages or advertising objectives through the simple visual solution in my paintings.

I find the process of creating a pet’s portrait a compelling collaboration between the pet and his/her owner. I try to reflect their feelings, personal emotions and connections between them in the paintings.

A brief search on the Internet will find many pet artists offering painted copies from animals’ photos. But if you think of what you really see in your pet’s eyes, most pet owners would rather have a portrait that truly reflects the pet’s soul, rather than just an illustration for the dog breed. That is the difference I always try to make.

If you are ready to challenge yourself - and me - in creating a special portrait of your favorite pet, please contact me.